Available Processes at ACS Steel Company

At ACS Steel, we offer a variety of processes for steel plate; from cutting and machining to code and non-code welding.

ACS uses a track burner as well as two hy-def plasma cutters to cut any shape or part, including bevels. We currently have two plate rolls and another that will be in use by the 2nd quarter of 2017. ACS has numerous drills, mills, lathes and a machining center to meet all steel machining needs.

J&M Welding, our sister company, offers an array of welding services, including: MIG, TIG, stick, Fluxcore and sub-arc. J&M Welding is certified for Code Welding (U, R, NB, and ASME.)

Mickelson Metalworks, ACS’s other sister company, is the place to get your cones and rect-to-rounds formed. With a 1500 ton press brake (one of the largest in Oklahoma,) MMW is capable of forming 3” thick material. MMW also has two Roundo angle rolls to roll angle sections.

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