Davi Plate Roll Purchase and Installation

ACS Steel Company, LLC is excited to announce the purchase and installation of Our New Davi Plate Rolls.

The Davi MAV T-30 with Three variable axis rollers powered by synchronized hydraulic cylinders with “Servo-tronic” parallel roll control feature that takes care of excessive deflections in a cylinder leading to precise products time after time.

The new Davi will allow ACS Steel to handle a more comprehensive scope of projects. Exclusive features and functions include:

  • The Leverage-Arm positions to achieve the best pre-bending on thicker sized plate.
  • Open Side roll geometry to allow much thicker plate to be rolled with precision.
  • Top roll executes the pre-bending which prevents the plate to be lifted and angled high in the air like other Press rolls on the market.
  • iRoll smart on-board computer controller with Digital “Roll-By-Wire” technology.
  • Peripheral Speed Compensation allows high precision rolling without plate slippage or power loss, achieving shorter production times.

In combination with a working capability of 75,000 PSI in the pre-bending and rolling stage, it has the capacity to roll 10 foot wide plate and thickness up to 5 inch steel into a 10 foot diameter cylinder!!

From the years of excellence in the Steel production industry in Oklahoma, the goal for ACS Steel is to utilize the Davi to produce cylinders and cones to a higher accuracy at a shortened lead time for our current and future clients.

SA-516-70 Prebending Capacity Chart (without extra material)

SA-516-70 Rolling Capacity Chart (with extra material)